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Keep reading if you are…

  1. A CEO, Executive, or Manager in an organization looking to be more “Agile”
  2. You’re an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, or Project Manager helping an organization become more Agile."

The Problem (almost) Everyone is Facing In Their Agile Efforts:

  • Organizational resistance
  • Culture is at odds with Agile
  • Leadership mindset is not open to actually being agile
  • Executives thinking it doesn’t apply to them
  • Management not allowing teams to make decisions
  • Getting management/leadership to display behaviour congruent with their goals to be agile
  • “Doing” Agile, not “being” Agile
  • Agile being mistaken for something it’s not
  • The belief that if it’s not software or IT, Agile is irrelevant

Any of these sound familiar?

You know this because you see it everyday.

Agile is NOT working.

But don’t worry, I’ve created and tested a new way to approach Agile in any culture model and organization.

Learn a new way to approach Agile…

Enter the Sahota Agile Playbook

I didn’t believe the marketplace had any way of communicating what I’ve seen and done to create real change and lasting results in the organizations I’ve worked with.

So I had to create a playbook to find a way we can approach Agile.

This has been refined and  tested for five years.

It has been used by hundreds of students across the globe since 2016.

It’s yours to access and implement today!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Here’s what my students have said about my trainings…

"Dynamic, Insightful & Practical. During this training the most valuable insight gained, was to get out of my own way. The delivery of the material challenged my way of thinking." R. Ellerman - CEO of

“Amazing learning journey.  I got so much that I can use and also a very different perspective that has refocused my thinking.  Thank you.”
B. Rogers - Director, Australian Government

“I came with the objective of becoming a better person.  This course has provided me with triggers that will enable me to be that colleague/team member/leader/coach, that I want to be.”
I. Rees - Agile Coach, UK Bank

Ready To Learn A New Way To Approach Agile And FINALLY Create The Results You’re Looking For?

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You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain…

Featuring the Sahota Satisfaction Promise

If you complete 100% of the training, and don’t feel equipped to make any changes in the way you approach Agile in your organization, then reach out and we’ll happily refund your money.

If you get zero value, we want to charge you accordingly, zero.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Setting The Foundation
Module 2: Starting To Unlearn
Module 3: Creating Safety In Your Organization
Module 4: Deeper Listening
Module 5: Organization Goals
Module 6: Growth & Transformation
Module 7: The Desire For Growth
Module 8- Creating Organizational Context
Module 9: Doing VS Being Agile
Module 10 - Tactics, Strategy and Culture
Module 11- The Sahota Culture Model
Module 12- Culture Bubbles
Module 13- The Leaders Role In Growth
Module 14- How To Let Go Of Your Agenda
Module 15- What Is Your Role In Growth
Module 16- Ensure Listening
Module 17- The 4 "A's" of Conscious Leadership
Module 18- Halfway Review
Module 19- Sahota Playbook For High Performance
Module 20- The Laloux Culture Model
Module 21- The Teal Organization & Organizational Growth
Module 22- Exploring Culture
Module 23- Culture Case Studies
Module 24- Conscious Organizational Growth
Module 25- Nurturing Freedom And Choice In Your Organization
Module 26- Management Paradigms
Module 27- The Virtuous Cycle
Module 28- Decision Making
Module 29- What Metrics Do You Need To Use
Module 30- Organization Engagement
Module 31- Integrating The New Lessons

What's included?

33 Videos
6 Texts
Michael Sahota
Michael Sahota
Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator Worldwide

About Michael, Your Breakthrough Certified Agile Trainer

Michael is the number one trainer for the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) Program through the Scrum Alliance after teaching 23% of all graduates worldwide.

His classes are controversial and unique, yet that's what allows his Agile students to flourish by showing them the missing pieces and common organizational challenges you can go back and implement immediately.

He's been in the Agile world for 20 years and is the expert in helping leaders bridge the world between Agile and organizational reality.

You Now Have 3 Choices...

1)  Keep doing what you’re doing, hoping to create a different and better result eventually
… but that’s the definition of insanity.

2) Find more tools and tactics to inject into your agile approach
… but that will only yield a 20% improvement at BEST.

3)  OR learn a new way to approach agile as a whole, understanding that the goal is NOT to BE Agile… it’s to accomplish some other goal with agile being the vehicle to facilitate.

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